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The Spyware Detective 1.4
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File Size: 2.42MB Update Time: 2006-4-18 3:24:30
Language: English OS: Win98/WinMe/WinNT4.x/Windows2000/WindowsXP
Licence:  Shareware Price: $ 27.00 Discount: 0%
The Spyware Detective finds adware and spyware in the system using an comprehensive database of definitions. The user can choose between scanning a drive or special directories. The targets scanned are: files, dll-s executables, other possible infected files, cookies, registries and processes.

Spyware detective allows you to remove, ignore or quarantine identified spywares. The OnGuard protection allow the system immunize against hundreds of privacy threats.


· Detects and removes spyware, adware, malware, Trojans, rats, cookies etc
· Once found a threat in the system will be moved in quaranatine section. The user can choose later to restore/delete this item.
· User can decide when the scanning tasks are performed using a schedule manager
· Receive frequent live updates using the integrated webupdates downloader
· An active monitoring of cookies and Browser Helper Objects (BHO) is available
· OnGuard monitors and protects your PC from browser infections and tracking cookies
· Immunize against hundreds of privacy threats: hijackers (BHO) and ActiveX threats

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